Ahmedabad VoIP Internet Calling

VoIP is a way of using the internet to make cheap international telephone calls to Ahmedabad and elsewhere.

Because VoIP service can be very cheap, using a VoIP phone service to call Ahmedabad could dramatically reduce your costs.

If you want a cheap, reliable VoIP internet calling plan for making international calls to Ahmedabad, we recommend the following VoIP service providers:

Cheap VoIP calls to Ahmedabad

Recommended Providers

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These VoIP service providers all have outstanding reputations, cheap prices, and live customer support.


Pingo.com is primarily known as a calling card company, but because it delivers calls using VoIP technology, it's appropriate to include them here, as well - especially since they offer great rates worldwide.

Pingo has very low per minute calling rates between most countries. Their pricing is very clean and simple with few extra fees. No long term contracts or equipment is required.

Pingo VoIP calling cards offer excellent advanced dialing features (like PIN-less dialing) and excellent 24/7 customer support.

Pingo now offers a VoIP 'soft phone' which allows you to make calls through your computer from anywhere in the world. Soft phone rates are very low.

Pingo is the retail arm of iBasis, one of the world's largest international VoIP carriers. Because they carry their own traffic, they are able to offer higher call quality and better technical support than many other companies.

In-depth Pingo.com review

Pingo service can be bought from most countries worldwide. Pingo local access numbers are available in over 35 countries, including India.

Note: Pingo is listed both here and among our recommended calling card vendors because Pingo service is a hybrid - VoIP service sold and used like a calling card.

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FreeCallPlanet offers monthly VoIP calling plans to India at cheap per minute rates. FreeCallPlanet is designed for people who call India a lot - with plans starting at 250 minutes a month on up to 3,000 mintues.

FreeCallPlanet's VoIP service works like a calling card: you dial into their VoIP network using a toll-free or local access number from your mobile or landline phone. Then you dial your destination number in India. They support PIN-less dialing and speed dial to simplify call dialing. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time without penalties.

FreeCallPlanet has access numbers in the US, UK, or India which allows you to make calls to or from the US, UK, or India using the same account at the same rates. For instance, if you buy the account in the US, your family members or friends in the UK or India can also use your plan to you at the same rates. With FreeCallPlanet, you can call India landlines or mobiles for the same low rate.

Requires US address for billing, but can be used from US, UK, and India to call most countries worldwide.

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Lingo was recently voted #1 VoIP provider by Wired Magazine. Like Vonage and similar companies, Lingo provides complete VoIP internet calling service that is designed to replace your existing landline phone service. It is not a short term solution for calling India, but it can be a very cheap long term solution for all your calling needs.

Depending on the plan you select, Lingo service can include unlimited free long distance and international calls from the United States to up to 22 countries. Their South Asia VoIP plan is designed for calling India. This plan has unlimited calling within the United States and Canada as well as very cheap per minute rates to India. Lingo service is available in the US only.

To use the Lingo service, the company provides you with a 'Lingo phone adaptor' that connects your landline telephone to the internet through your broadband internet cable or DSL modem. Once the adaptor is in place, you make calls from your phone as if you were calling over a normal phone connection.

Lingo offers virtual local numbers in 15+ countries worldwide for ~US$10 per month. India virtual local numbers are not available at this time.

Lingo is available in the US and Australia and supports international calling to any country worldwide at low rates.

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Jajah is an innovative, next-generation VoIP provider that offers highly flexible VoIP calling products for landline phones, mobile phones, blogs & websites, and more.

  • Jajah.Direct allows direct VoIP dialing from your mobile or landline telephone. The first time you call someone, it works something like a calling card in that you connect to jajah by dialing a local access number from your phone. Then you dial the international number you want and the call is completed. However, once you complete a call, you are automatically given a simple local phone number to dial that allows you to reconnect to that same destination number as if it were a local call. Access numbers are available in 18 countries worldwide.
  • Jajah.Web is a web-activated VoIP service that allows you make international calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide. You initiate calls from your web browser, but actually speak on your landline or mobile phone. The service requires no downloads or other equipment.
  • Jajah.Mobile Web is a mobile version of Jajah.Web designed specifically for web-enabled mobile phones. This service allows you to make international VoIP calls from your iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, or other device.
  • Jajah.Buttons allows you to easily install buttons on your website, blog, social media profile, or email signature. By clicking on these buttons, people can make VoIP calls to you while keeping your personal number private.

To use all of the above services, you put money into your account and make calls against this balance.

Most Jajah services are available from any country worldwide. Jajah.direct has local access numbers in 18 countries, including the US, Australia, Mexico, Israel, and most European countries. There currently is no Jajah.direct local access number for India.

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With well over 100 million users worldwide, Skype is probably the best known and most widely used VoIP service in the world. Skype also has the most comprehensive VoIP calling products, features, and options - but Skype's per minute rates for calling India are not the cheapest available - Pingo, FreeCallPlanet, and Lingo, among others, offer cheaper rates.

  • Skype-to-Skype Calling allows you to make free international VoIP calls to anyone else using Skype anywhere in the world. Calls are made from your PC.
  • Skype Video Calling allows you to make free international video calls from your computer or from a Skype videophone. Video calls can be made to anyone else using Skype anywhere in the world. Webcam or videophone required - charges apply.
  • Skype Chat / IM allows you to chat for free with colleagues worldwide from your computer using Skype software.
  • SkypeOut allows you to make international calls to people worldwide on their regular landline or mobile phones, including calls to India. Per minute charges apply.
  • SkypeIn is a virtual local number product that allows you to buy a local phone number in 20+ countries worldwide for ~US$5 per month. With SkypeIn, when people call you on your local number, their call is forwarded directly to your Skype device where you can pick it up. Virtual numbers can be bought locally where you live or in other countries close to friends and family. Skype does not offer India virtual local numbers at this time.
  • Skype-to-Go allows you to make VoIP phone calls from your regular mobile or landline telephone. Skype-to-Go works something like a calling card in that you connect to Skype by dialing a local access number from your phone. Then you dial the international number you want and the call is completed. Skype-to-Go access numbers are available in 10+ countries worldwide. Skype-to-Go is not available in India.

There are two options for buying paid Skype services. One option is to buy credit and then have call charges deducted as you go. The other option is to buy a monthly plan for roughly US$3 - US$15 per month. Monthly plans provide unlimited calling to certain specified countries. Unfortunately, none of Skype's plans includes unlimited calling to India, so you'll need to buy credits for India calling.

All free and most paid Skype services are available from all countries worldwide. However, certain paid Skype services are available only in selected countries.

A computer with a broadband connection and/or other equipment is generally required.

Note that the Skype website, while colorful and fun, can be confusing.

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VoIP Buying Tips

  • We have tried to include VoIP services that can be bought and used from most any country worldwide. However, VoIP availability depends in part on local telecommuncations regulations, so services may not be uniformly available in all countries. Each profile below indicates the countries each service is available in, but please confirm directly yourself by visiting the vendor's website.
  • VoIP calling does not necessarily deliver the same call quality as traditional landline phone calls. Quality is fine for many purposes, but may not be adequate for important business calls or other purposes. Click here to learn more about VoIP call quality.
  • VoIP handles calls somewhat differently than you may be used to with normal phone service. In particular, you should understand how your VoIP provider will handle calls coming inbound to you from a regular landline or mobile phone and, likewise, how they will handle calls outbound from you to regular phones. Click here to learn more about VoIP call types.

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